Helmgast AB proudly presents The Troubleshooters, a new action-adventure tabletop roleplaying game in the style of Franco-Belgian comics.

In The Troubleshooters, the characters are drawn into other people’s troubles and band together to solve them. Ranging from athletes and explorers to journalists and mad scientists, the characters will travel the characters all over Europe and across the world. They will find themselves at exotic locations, glittering metropoles, deep in the wilderness, or even in cozy country villages, where they face spies, wild beasts, mafia, villains, the nefarious graf von Zadrith and his secret organisation the Octopus, and relatives!

Written by Krister Sundelin, author of the acclaimed Swedish roleplaying games “Järn” and “Hjältarnas tid”, The Troubleshooters takes you back to the mid-1960s in a world of fast-paced adventure and fun!

The Troubleshooters Core Book will be the first in a line of products for the game, followed by adventures and background books.

The Troubleshooters is planned for released in the summer of 2020, with a crowdfunding campaign in the fall 2019.

Learn more about The Troubleshooters at http://troubleshootersrpg.com

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About Helmgast AB

Helmgast AB is a Swedish publisher of tabletop roleplaying games founded in 2014 by six veterans of the Swedish, who could not stop writing roleplaying games in our spare time. We create the games we want to play, with focus on quality, believability and drama.

Helmgast AB is the producer of the award-winning roleplaying game Kult: Divinity Lost and the acclaimed Swedish dark fantasy roleplaying game Eon.

The Troubleshooters is the second line from Helmgast AB aimed at an international market.