Helmgast AB is running on an internal platform called Lore. We strongly believe in digital tools to enhance the publishing and consumption of role-playing games. The platform is under constant development and some features may be under beta-testing, please bear with us if there are any issues.

and accounts

A number of features on this page requires you to sign-in, that is, to prove that you own the account. We are using the trusted provider Auth0 for this. They have a much larger team to deal with security than we can ever do. As part of this system, we offer three ways for you to prove you own an account: by identifying yourself through one click using Facebook or Google ID, or by providing a one-time passcode sent to your email. We have removed the support for custom passwords, because we believe passwords often reduce security and they create a hassle for both users and site owners.

We want you to be able to use multiple methods to sign-in (because who remember which button the clicked the last time?). That means we will try to link your Google, FB and email together automatically, if you provide them to us. But if they are tied to different email addresses, we may not be able to do it automatically. We therefore offer you the option to manually merge multiple email-addresses.


Currently are small pieces of information that our server asks your browser to save between page loads to remember you for next time. We are saving these types of cookies:

  • A session cookie used to remember you in case you have signed in, so that you don’t have to sign in every time. This is an encrypted cookie to reduce risk that anyone else can hijack your session.

  • A cookie from Google Analytics so that we can analyse visitor numbers and types on our website. This helps us improve the site. The cookie includes an anonymous ID not tied to your user account.