Helmgast consists of a growing, global team of freelancers and we are always on the lookout for more people with talent and passion for our games. This document outlines what you need to know and do if you are curious about working with Helmgast.

We are currently accepting applications or submissions for:

  • Writers (English and Swedish)
  • Editors (English and Swedish)
  • Translators (Swedish → English)
  • Illustrators and Graphic Designers
  • Video and Music creators
  • Web & app Designers and Developers (for web editions of games, tools, etc)
  • Internships

Before you contact us, note the following:

  • All work at Helmgast is done on a freelance basis, normally paid as revenue share or per item/word (this means you can be based anywhere in the world!).
  • Our exact needs differ across games and time, so we appreciate flexibility with which game you could contribute to.
  • We receive a lot of requests and although we save everything we receive we are unfortunately not able to respond to all. Only send new requests if you have substantially updated your portfolio or submission.

How to contact us:

  • If possible, attach a sample of work explicitly created for our games, for example some of your existing Fan Content or a text, sketch or prototype that you created for the application. Don’t make the sample too long, it remains your content and will only be used to assess your style and talent.
  • We don’t need a standard CV from you, but please attach links or files displaying other relevant work you have done in the past and list any relevant skills you have
  • Describe briefly a bit about yourself and what you are passionate about, in terms of games we make, genres or creative styles. Email your application to us at info@helmgast.se with a title starting with “Application: “.

Pitch a Game

A specific type of application is to pitch for a game or game supplement you’d want Helmgast to publish. We are always open to pitches for new games but we also have high requirements and limited bandwidth for creating new games. If you want to send us a game pitch, in addition to above recommendations for applications, note that:

  • A game pitch needs to be at least a few pages of text. The text should show the overall concept of the game (e.g. what you’d write on the back of the book) and some excerpts of content from the game.
  • The pitch must be accompanied by some form of visual inspiration, e.g. how you would like the game to look like. Can be links to images, videos or other media that you feel represent your game.
  • If the game is in the same genre or otherwise similar to games already published by Helmgast, please write some additional notes on how your pitch could be adapted as a supplement to the existing game rather than a new game.