It’s amazing and cool that so many want to create artwork, websites, and other stuff based on the intellectual property of our games and our company (“Helmgast IP”). At the same time as we want to encourage creating and sharing stuff, we spend a lot of time on our intellectual property and need to protect it to keep on producing new worlds and games.

We created this Policy to explain how you can use Helmgast IP for content you have produced yourself (“Fan Content”). IF YOUR FAN CONTENT COMPLIES WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THIS POLICY, YOU DON’T NEED TO ASK FOR OUR PERMISSION TO PUBLISH IT.


This Policy is based on three values: Free, Fair and Clear.


1) You can use Helmgast IP to make Fan Content that you share with the community for free.

2) Your Fan Content must be free for others to view, access, share, and use without paying you anything or obtaining your approval.

3) You can’t use Helmgast IP with a commercial/monetary objective or otherwise indirectly monetize by requesting surveys, downloads, subscriptions, email registration or similar to access the Fan Content.

4) You may however subsidize your Fan Content through the use of commonly recognized platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and taking advantage of ad revenue, so long as such advertisements meet the requirements of this Policy.


1) Be nice and fair to others, and abide by the following rules to create Fan Content under this Policy.

2) Don’t create Fan Content or use Helmgast’s IP in a way that is inappropriate, offensive, damaging or disparaging for the world/game you are creating Fan Content. Consider the target audience of the game and world of the Fan Content, when considering whether something is inappropriate or offensive.

3) Don’t use names or aliases of real persons in your Fan Content, or otherwise portray a character in such manner that it can be attributed to a real person by a larger audience.

4) You may use game logos published by Helmgast for Fan Content / media use. You may also use trademarks, character names, game mechanics and other elements from our games, however, you may not copy our texts, illustrations or graphic design in part or whole.

5) You can’t make use of our trademarks in a domain name.

6) You can’t make use of Helmgast’s videos in your Fan Content and our music can’t be used other than up to 30 seconds per title. You may, however, embed a video from an authorized third-party’s website (e.g. Twitch or YouTube).

7) Please don’t promote our competitors or endorse inappropriate or offensive sponsors.

8) Make sure you follow applicable laws. You are solely responsible for your Fan Content.

9) Helmgast reserves the (non-exclusive) right to promote your Fan Content.


1) Tell the community that the material is unofficial and not sponsored by Helmgast. Please include a note with your Fan Content explaining that: “This product is unofficial Fan Content for [name of the game, e.g. KULT: Divinity Lost] permitted under the Helmgast Fan Content Policy:”

2) You may not create or use any Fan Content in a manner that could cause people to believe that it is an official Helmgast production. For example, a fan website may not be designed to look like an official Helmgast website.

Helmgast’s right to restrict use of Helmgast IP

We have the right to stop or restrict your use of Helmgast’s IP at any time, for any reason or no reason, including when we think your use is inappropriate, offensive, damaging, or disparaging (and we’ll make that call in our sole discretion). If this happens, you must immediately take down your Fan Content.

Amendments to this Policy and No Commercial Use

We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time by posting a revised Policy to our website. Any existing Fan Content that no longer complies with this Policy due to a change in the Policy must be modified to be compliant with the Policy.

Helmgast’s intellectual property can by no means be used for commercial purposes under this Policy. Creators wanting to work with Helmgast in a commercial capacity must enter into an agreement with Helmgast prior to making their creation available. This Policy does not apply in whole or part to any party with which Helmgast has a separate agreement on the use of intellectual property.

Special note on KULT

The KULT brand or trademark is licensed from Cabinet Entertainment. The above Policy applies for KULT: Divinity Lost (not earlier KULT editions) and only in relation to roleplaying game contents. For other purposes than roleplaying games, please reach out directly to Cabinet Entertainment with your request (


Enquiries on this Policy may be sent to Helmgast by email: We receive a high number of requests and are not able to respond to all. We will specifically not respond to requests to approve your Fan Content as we expect you follow this Policy without pre-approval.