The corona virus is spreading all over the globe and is affecting families and society as a whole. All industries, including the gaming industry, are impacted.

Just a few weeks ago Helmgast, together with our friends at Modiphius and Arkhane, announced our joint plan for a multi-lingual Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming action-adventure roleplaying game, The Troubleshooters. Since then, much has happened in the world.

The plan was to start the Kickstarter campaign on April 7th with delivery to backers in September 2020 and subsequent release to the general market during the autumn. 

As most of us and the society are currently focusing on the health and well-being of our loved ones, we have jointly come to the conclusion that this is not the appropriate time to run a Kickstarter campaign.

We will therefore postpone the Kickstarter campaign until a later date. We don’t expect it to be any earlier than mid-May. We will keep you posted.

However, work will continue. We are currently not expecting the pandemic to impact our targeted release of autumn 2020. We have the past few days checked in with our partners, such as illustrators, designers, printers, distributors, and whilst all are affected by the pandemic to at least some degree, we are confident that the right thing to do is to continue working towards our original autumn release target.

Art is still coming in and we will continue to present it and give you previews and sneak peeks. The text for the core book is done, and the final pieces of the text for the first adventure is being written. There is already a quickplay scenario on our website, and we are now developing a demo scenario, more quickplay scenarios, and even future adventure books. Layout and design will progress as planned.

We will keep you apprised about the situation as it develops. Until then, stay safe. Long live the Octopus, and you and your families.

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